• AAF International

    AAF International, Inc.

    Air Filters, HEPA Filter Modules, Fan Powered HEPAS, Dust Collectors

  • ABB


    Variable Frequency Drives

  • accurex


    Commercial Kitchen Hoods, Energy Management Controls, Fire Suppression Systems, Utility Distribution Systems, Pollution Control Units, Pre-fabricated Grease Duct, Exhaust Fans, Make-up Air units

  • Addison


    100% Dedicated Outdoor Air Units, Packaged Rooftop Systems, Split Systems, Water Source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pumps

  • air concepts

    Air Concepts

    Air Nozzles, Round Directional Grilles, Punkah Grilles, Drum Louvers

  • alfa laval

    Alfa Laval

    Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers, Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Water Cooled Heat Exchangers

  • Antec Controls

    Antec Controls

    Venturi Valves, Water Coils, Laboratory Room Controls, Fume Hood Controls, Critical Controls. Formerly known as Price Industries Controls

  • amber/booth

    AQC Dust Collecting Systems

    Dust Collection Systems, Source Capture Equipment,
    Fume Arms, Hose Reels,
    Portable Dust Collection

  • Armstrong Fluid Technology

    Armstrong Fluid Technology

    Centrifugal Pumps, Pump Suction Diffusers, Flo-Trex Combination Valves, Expansion Products, Air Separators, Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Plate Heat Exchangers, Packaged HVAC Pumping Systems, Pump and Plant Controls

  • Armstrong Monitoring

    Armstrong Monitoring

    Gas Detection Systems

  • Baltimore Aircoil Company

    Baltimore Aircoil Company

    Evaporative Condensers, Closed Circuit Cooling Towers, Factory Built Cooling Towers, Ice Storage Tanks and Ice Coils for Field Erected Thermal Storage Systems

  • Berko


    Electric Resistance Comfort Heat, Electric Infrared Heat, Electric Radiant Panels

  • Blender Products

    Blender Products

    Engineered Air Mixing Systems and Equipment

  • BLC Industries

    BLC Industries, Inc.

    Automatic Roll Filters, Side Service Filter Housings, ASHRAE
    and HEPA Filters

  • Bromic Heating USA

    Bromic Heating USA

    Electric and Propane Patio
    heating products

  • CCS-Composite Cooling Solutions

    CCS-Composite Cooling Solutions

    Pultruded Composite Counterflow, Crossflow, Concrete Structural and Architectural Cooling Towers
    Services Include Design/Engineering and Construction

  • Contamination Technology Corp

    Contamination Technology Corporation

    Bag In / Bag Out Filter Housing, V Bed Carbon Absorbers, Skid Mounted Systems, Bubble Tight Isolation Dampers

  • Data Aire, Inc.

    Data Aire, Inc.

    Floor Mounted or Horizontal DX/Water Cooled Computer
    Room Air Conditioning, Remote Condensers and Fluid Coolers, Rack and Row cooling solutions

  • Desert Aire

    Desert Aire

    Indoor Pool Systems, Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems, Dehumidification Systems, Indoor Grow Systems

  • Dri-Steem Humidifier Company

    Dri-Steem Humidifier Company

    Humidifiers (Steam Injection,
    Electric, Gas, Steam-to-Steam,
    Liquid-to-Steam and Ultrasorb),
    Condensate Coolers

  • Ductsox


    Fabric Air Dispersion Products, Laboratory Ventilation Products, Underfloor Distribution Products

  • Ductsox

    Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

    Electrically charged filtration systems and carbon matrix filter systems

  • Enervex

    (formerly Exhausto)

    Combustion Air Fan Systems,
    Draft Equipment and Chimney Fans, Dryer Venting Systems

  • fanAm

    FanAm, Inc.

    Polypropylene Fans

  • Flexmaster


    Spin-in Fittings, Low Pressure Flexible Duct, High Pressure Flexible Duct

  • Flow Control Incorporated

    Flow Control Incorporated

    Delta P Valve -
    Pressure Independent
    Hydronic Control Valve

  • Flow Design, Inc.

    Flow Design, Inc.

    Automatic Flow Control Valves, Manual Flow Control Valves, Valve Piping Packages

  • Governair


    Custom Air Handlers, Custom Penthouse Systems, Evaporative-Cooled Chillers and Packaged Air Handling Units, FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®

  • Greenheck


    Roof Mounted Fans and Gravity Ventilators; Utility, Centrifugal and Radial Blowers; Inline, Ceiling and Sidewall Fan; Dampers and Louvers; Energy Recovery, Make-Up Air, Air Handlers, Fan Coils; Kitchen Ventilation Systems; Vektor Laboratory Exhaust Systems

  • Hansentek


    Fire Detection and Fire Suppression for Dust Collection Systems

  • Huntair


    Custom air handlers, Cleanroom systems, Operating room systems,
    Fan upgrade and retrofits,

  • Indeeco


    Open Element and Finned Tubular Electric Duct Coils; Explosion Proof
    Electric Heating Products;
    Electric Resistance Comfort Heat;
    Electric Boilers

  • Jaga


    Heating and Cooling In-Floor Trench Convectors and Trench Fan Coils, Low-Temperature Radiators

  • Klimor


    HModular Air Handling Units -
    Hot Water, Steam, Chilled Water, DX, Energy Recovery

  • Magicaire


    Classroom Unit Ventilators (Vertical, Horizontal and Self-Contained)

  • Mammoth


    Custom DX and Rooftop Products, Vertical self-contained systems,
    Modular mechanical rooms,

  • Monoxivent


    Underground Fiberglass Ductwork and Corrosion Resistant Ductwork

  • NSGV

    National Systems of Garage Ventilation (NSGV)

    Vehicle Exhaust Systems, Welding Fume Exhaust Arms, Welding Hoods

  • Nordfab


    “Quick Clamp” Ductwork for Dust Exhaust Systems

  • PCI

    Paragon Controls, Incorporated

    Airflow and Pressure Measurement Control Devices

  • PCI

    Powered Aire, Inc.

    Air Curtains with Electric Heat, Hot Water Heat, Indirect Gas heat, Unheated and Air Curtain Controls

  • Price Industries

    Price Industries

    Grilles, Registers, Diffusers, Variable Air Volume and Fan Powered Boxes, Under Floor Distribution Systems, Security Products, Displacement Air Systems, Fan Coil Units, Sound Attenuators, Chilled Beams/Chilled Sails

  • Puroflux Corporation

    Puroflux Corporation

    Separators, Sand Filters

  • Puroflux Corporation


    Electric Resistance Comfort Heat, Electric Infrared Heat, Electric Radiant Panels

  • Roberts Gordon

    Roberts Gordon

    Co-Ray-Vac, Gas Fired Infrared Tube Heaters and Gas-Fired Unit Heaters

  • RPS

    RPS (Roof Product Systems)

    Roof Curbs, Equipment Supports, Duct and Pipe Supports, Pipe Portals

  • Runtal Radiators

    Runtal Radiators

    Hot Water Radiators

  • Samsung

    Samsung HVAC

    Ductless and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air-conditioning and Heating Technology, Water or Air-cooled Heat Recovery Systems, Chillers

  • Selkirk

    Selkirk Metalbestos

    PS (Positive Pressure Stack Systems), Stainless Steel (AL-294C) Stack Systems, Grease Duct, Diesel Exhaust Flue, Zero Clearance Flue

  • Semco


    Acoustic Sound Enclosures; Air Handling Plenum Walls; Sound Attenuators, Single-wall, Double-wall and Flat Oval spiral ductwork

  • Smardt


    Magnetic Bearing Chillers—Water Cooled, Air Cooled, Evaporative Condensing, Remote Condensers and Heat Recovery Chillers

  • Temtrol


    Central Station Units, Custom Air Handling Units, Penthouse Air Handling Units and Hydronic Coils, FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®

  • TSI


    Custom cooling applications—Air Cooled Condensers, Condensing Units, Chillers, Fluid Coolers

  • Thermaduct


    Exterior Insulated Ductwork

  • Venmar CES

    Venmar CES

    Energy Recovery Units and Heat Recovery Units, Custom DX and Gas-Fired Air Handling Units, Pool Dehumidification Units, Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers, Heat Pipes, and

  • The VMC Group

    The VMC Group

    Vibration Isolation, Seismic Restraints, Floating Floors

  • Vent Products

    Vent Products, Co., Inc.

    Backdraft and Control Dampers, Louvers, Louvered Penthouse and Gravity Hoods

  • Ventrol


    Custom Air Handling Units, Knock-Down (Field Re-Assembled) Air Handling Units, FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®

  • Water Furnace International

    Water Furnace International

    Geo-thermal Heat Pump Systems, Extended Range Commercial Heat Pumps

  • Westernaire


    Custom Make-Up Air Units, Indirect/Direct Custom Air Handling Units

  • The Whalen Company

    The Whalen Company

    Fan Coil Units,
    Hi-Rise Vertical Stacked Fan Coil Units,
    Hi-Rise Vertical Stacked Heat Pumps

  • Young Regulator Company

    Young Regulator Company

    Dampers, Concealed Regulators (Bowden Cable Systems)

  •  Zehnder Rittling

    Zehnder Rittling

    Hydronic Finned Tube and Baseboard Radiation, Hydronic Unit Heaters and Cabinet Unit Heaters, Fan Coils, Radiant Heating/Cooling Panels, Vertical Stack Heat Pumps

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