May 1, 2014

CFM Company is Named an Xcel Energy Partner Award Winner for 2014:

Products represented by CFM Company qualified for numerous Xcel Energy rebates. In 2013, customers received $198,517.00 in energy efficiency rebates from Xcel Energy for CFM Company products, resulting in 2,247,991 kWh saved. This was an increase of 74% over the prior year.

CFM Company assists building owners and consulting engineers with data so they can predict potential energy savings for projects, or apply for the prescriptive rebates using various energy-saving technologies.

If you`d like to find out more, please contact Larry Gelin,

August 6th 2013

CFM announces Armstrong Monitoring as a new partner:

Armstrong Monitoring is a leading manufacturer of Gas Detection Systems since 1981. Armstrong's diverse product line features equipment designed to detect and monitor an extensive list of gases including CO , NOx , O2 and combustible gases , such as hydrogen, propane, methane and methanol, plus a variety of exotic species. Equipment choices range from simple, building block sensor elements and transmitters, to complete, integrated, turnkey systems.

February 20th 2013

CFM announces Data Aire as a new partner:

Data Aire is the leader in precision air control. They offer customized solutions for mission-critical cooling systems that can save energy and money. Whether your industry is health care, technology, government or financial, Data Aire can provide your cooling solution.

December 3rd 2012

CFM announces Kelley Fans as a new partner:

Kelley Fans are a leading manufacturer of High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans. These fans are typically used in large volume spaces to create comfortable and energy-efficient environments. The low velocity air movement conserves energy by de-stratifying a space and improves occupant comfort by delivering a perceived cooler temperature.

December 3rd 2012

CFM announces Griswold Water System as a new partner:

Griswold Water Systems is an industry leader in physical, non-chemical water treatment. Griswold�s family of products was created to improve and preserve the performance, cleanliness, and efficiency of recirculating water systems for commercial and industrial applications through non-chemical water treatment.

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